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"Mangia Bene"


Micro Greens

Heirloom Tomatoes


Olive Oil


Fresh Baked Bread

We have a family saying; when you pluck a tomato off the vine and take a bite, "you can taste the life", and our produce is truly local as we pick fresh from the field (seasonal) and deliver to our customers next day. We understand you have busy days and don't have time to stop by the market for the day's dinner, so eating fresh just got easier with menu items from "The Kitchen" using our local delivery service and healthier than dining out of a box.
People have forgotten what true flavor taste like and there is nothing better than produce that is field grown under the sun (seasonal), the essence of cooking is simplicity, using the freshest seasonal ingredients and basic techniques that enhance the flavors of food.  "Variety is the spice of life", to help you add flavor to life, take home one of our little herb buddies (seasonal), herbs create the aromas we love about food, and our little buddies will last for many memorable meals!
Dining is more than merely eating, it's time to relax after a busy day and savor the meal. Short on time, fire up the grill and toss a fresh salad, but when the weekend arrives,  invite family or friends over and have a feast. Check out our recipes page for delicious simple ideas that will have your guests raving about your dinner for weeks. "Mangia Bene"